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my sweet song

My sweet song
It's been a long time
What'd you come around here for
Cause that old love is gone
And I've since carried on
Thought I was rid of you for sure
Oh my sweet song, you don't sound sosweet no more
Please don't sing to me
Cause it hurts me to hear the melody that was
Good to me before
Oh my sweet song, you don't sound sosweet no more
Oh you said love was forever and you told melove would never
Break my heart, and I believed you as I fell
That's all over, let it go,
You're just a song
I used to know
And your fantasy, it don't work for me
Go and pick on someone else
My sweet song
Guess I'm stuck with you And someday,
I'll find the love I'm looking for
Then my sweet, sweet song won't sound sosad no more
My sweet, sweet song, I'll guess I'll always be yours

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